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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Summertime week 3 - Animals

Welcome to Week 3 of Summertime!
We are learning all about animals this week!
Starting off with a trip to the Library, we found lots of fun books about animals.  We have been talking about what a mammal is, what reptiles are, and fun facts about all sorts of animals.

I found a fun project on that I wanted to try out with the girls.
We are making Paper Mache animals by recycling old bottles!
The website has you use masking tape, but I wanted to try out the paper mache, so we did!
I use one part water, one part Elmer's Glue to make the paste.  I had my girls rip up a bunch of newspapers and we got busy!
My little one wanted a pig, so we used a Karo Syrup bottle to use as the pig's body, and old tp tubes cut on a diagonal for the legs.  Then we stuffed more newspaper into the tube to help it hold it's shape better.

Then another layer of Glue-y newspaper!
We let the animals dry overnight to make sure they are nice and dry.  Then we did another layer of plain white paper and ModPodge!  This way it will be easier to paint and decorate!
They are still drying, but stay tuned for the finished project tomorrow!

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  1. This looks like so much fun. I've been wanting to do paper mache with my kids all summer. LOVE yours!


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