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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Science Day 5 - Jello and Pizza

Today we did some experiments with food *my favorite kind!*!
First we made Jell-o
Science?  Absolutely!  You try explaining why it turns into Jell-o!  Not asw easy as I thought it would be! :)

We made one box the 'traditional way' with hot water and cold water.
Then we made one box the 'Speed Set' method with hot water and ice cubes.
We talked about the differences and what makes it all 'set' up.
The best part was eating homemade Jell-o less than an hour later! :)

Next we made Jell-o Volcanos!
I have wanted to make a 'volcano' with my girls for a while and then saw this idea for Jello Volcanos over at Sippycupcentral and knew I had to use Jell-o!
The girls were a little sad when they realized that it wasn't something to eat - my fault for using our 'treat glasses'
My girls were amazed by the 'bubbles' and tried to wrap their head around what was happening!  I think the Jell-o threw them off!  They wanted to know why we added it (Again back to wanting it to be a treat!) and I told them just for color and smell. 
They did like stirring it and finding little pockets of baking soda to mix with the vinegar!

Last, we made homemade pizza dough! 
I got the super easy Pizza Dough Recipe from the Family Fun website.
First we made the yeast.  My little one thought is stunk!  It does kinda smell weird! :)
I explained to them what the yeast is and what it does.

Next we mixed the dough and got to kneading!
The girls loved this part!  They liked getting dirty and being silly!
I am not sure why, but they kept 'getting mad' at the dough.  I guess it was 'cause I told them to hit it and beat it up!  Silly!

This is here I insert the pics of the pizza and us enjoying it.  However, I was too hungry and impatient by this point that I totally forgot to take pics and we scarffed it all up before I had a chance! :)
You can use your imagination, can't you?

So there you have it, our week of Science!  You want to know the best part?  I did not spend a dime on anything we did!  Everything we used we already had!  Amazing!  It was a fun week of experiments and fun for free.  All it took was a little web surfing for the right activities and making it work with what we had!  Awesome!

Now, I am going to try to enjoy the weekend with my fam before starting our next week on Monday.  Our theme for next week is PIONEERS!  I have a lot of fun ideas, so I am super excited!  Stay tuned!
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  1. How totally fun! Your girls look like they had a blast!

    PS - why are all my pictures of my kids in pjs or shirtless and hair all wonky when your girls are all matching and adorable???

  2. Uh, trust me, there are plenty of scary hair pics and mismatched clothes going on around here! Or the ones with a pile of dirty laundry in the background, or toys everywhere but whre they should be! I guess I got lucky with these! :)


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