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Friday, July 30, 2010

Animals Day 4

Today was a pretty laid back day.  The girls have been working on their workbooks and playing with their bottle animals all morning!
This afternoon we made the girls' names with animals!  I printed a whole bunch of letters and animal pictures off the computer and let them have at it.  They had to figure out which animals went with the letters in their names and put it all together on their boards.  They enjoyed cutting and gluing they enjoy anything with scissors and glue!
You could also do this same idea with the whole alphabet and have your kiddos match up the animals to the letters.  I was originally going to do that, but ran out of time (and printer ink) so we went with names!  They are turning out pretty adorable!
They are still working on their names, so obviously the above pic isn't the finished project.  However, I have a hot date with my birthday hubby tonight and wanted to get this post up before we left!
Have a great weekend!

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