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Friday, July 16, 2010

Science Day 4 - Paint

Today we made lots of artwork with different methods.
Technically, it may not be very 'scientific' to some, but to me and my girls it is all about the experimenting with new things and trying new ways. 

Our first project was Black Magic Art! 
*I promise it has nothing to do with 'black magic' it is just a fun way to paint!*
First, I had the girls color all over the paper with crayons, and then we applied black paint on top of the colorings.
I got this idea from eighteen25.blogspot. a while back and have been waiting for an opportunity to try it out with my girls. 
I do not think ours worked the greatest.  My girls colored the whole page, but not hard with lots of crayon.  Also, I don't think we used enough paint.  It seemed that in the spots that there was a thicker layer of paint it came off better.  We used a big nail to scratch off the paint and in some spots it just started to rip the paper.
So, it takes some trial and error I guess!
That's what learning is all about!

Next, we tried our hand at Corn Syrup Painting!
 We also got this idea from the girls over at eighteen25 - they have a lot of great ideas, I can't help but be inspired!
It is pretty simple.  I even remember doing this in school when I was little.
All you need is some corn syrup & food coloring to make the 'paint'.
Have your artists color a picture with crayons, then fill in with your corn syrup paint!

This method worked out great!  My girls thought it was cool and crazy to paint with corn syrup!
They also loved that even when it was dry it was shiny!

Our last method was Invisible Picture Painting.
Basically, all they do is color a picture with a white crayon (or cream as in our case, because I was out of white cardstock!)
After they draw their pic, have them paint with water colors over it and the crayon shows through!

E wasn't done with her pic and didn't want me to take a pic yet!
Such concentration!

Our finished Projects:

A little trial and error never hurt!
A fun paint filled afternoon!

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