Seems like a strange name for a craft blog, right? Well, I have always felt a little bit shy, or afraid to share my creativenss. When making something fabulous and someone compliments me, I usually play it off like it is no big deal. I have been a 'closet crafter' for too long! No more apologies! No more excuses! I love to craft and I am not ashamed!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Make-Believe Day 3 - Tea Party!

Today we had a fabulous Tea Party!  We 'made believe' we were Royalty!  It was fabulous!

First we decorated our 'staffs' (from the dollar store).  The girls made sure to bling them out with beads, pom-poms, feathers, and stickers!  They turned out marvelous!

 Next, we made a Royal Bunting out of paper and more embellishments!
(This is from the book "Princess Things to Make and Do" that I also featured in my post yesterday)
 These will be hanging in their bedroom for a long time - I am pretty sure!
Now we were ready for our Tea Party!
Add some toothpicks to anything and it makes it Fancy!  (Thank you Fancy Nancy!)
And if you drink pink milk from a champagne flute it makes you feel like you are Royalty!
The girls dressed up in their 'best' dresses and put on their hats.
 (Yes, the flutes are from a wedding anniversary.  We use them all the time never, so the girls thought it was a fabulous treat to use them!)
 While the girls were eating their lunch, I made cupcakes and frosting.  They got to help decorate (and eat) the cupcakes!  Yum!

Super Fun!
What have you and your kiddos been up to this summer? 

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Make-Believe Day 2 - Princess Hats

We got this idea from one of our favorite go-to's for all things Princessy! 
The instructions were super easy!
First, cut a piece of card stock or poster board into a half circle.
 Then fold it over to make a cone.  Fit it to your child's head and tape in place.
 Then I cut the pointy pieces off in a rounded shape (this part goes at the back of their head.  I am hoping it will help keep it on better!)
 Now you get to start gluing tissue paper on!
I cut two pieces of tissue paper (one pink, one floral) into squares.  Don't worry, they don't have to be perfect!
  I used some school glue and added a little water to make it thinner and easier for my girls to use.
 Next, we attached some ribbons to the inside of the point to make the 'tassels'.
Here is the 'almost' finished project.  I am going to add some ribbon to tie under their chins to help them stay on their heads!
Super Fun!  They love their new Princess Hats!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Summertime Week 4 - Make Believe

Welcome to week #4 of Summertime fun!  I almost stopped (I know, after only three weeks?  Smells like a quitter to me!) but my girls were totally bugging me yesterday (Monday) to do their 'projects'!  I guess it has become our summertime routine and they are enjoying it!  Who woulda figured?  :)

So, this week we are all about "Make Believe".  Which in my home is pretty much princesses and fairies!  I am going to try to give ideas and incorporate boys into the equation when I can for you with boys running around your homes!

Yesterday we went to the library and checked out a bunch of crafty book ideas and princessy themed reading books.  This is how we always start our weeks - at the Library.  My girls love going there and it is F.R.E.E.!!!  The best part!  I had to grab some idea books because, like I mentioned, I wasn't prepared for this week at all!  I also found some ideas online for our week!

Here are some fun ideas I found online!

Princesses & Princes:
Princess Hair and Faces - I think it would be totally fun to print some of these off and let your kids color them, and then put pics of your kids in!  Kind of a crafty cute frame!
Paper Mache Shields - great prop for sword fights and saving damsel's in distress!
Flower Tiara - This is one I am sure we will be making!

Milk Carton Pirate Ship - Fun way to recycle old milk cartons or boxes!
Parchment Paper - Fun idea for a treasure hunt!
Spyglass - it even is collapsible!!!  What?!?
Treasure Box - made out of a tissue box!

Fairy Wand - Every fairy needs a magical wand!  We will most likely try something similar to this!
Flower Fairies - Make fairies from flowers and leaves!

Alrighty, so that is a start.  Tonight I will (hopefully) post pics from our activities today!