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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Make-Believe Day 2 - Princess Hats

We got this idea from one of our favorite go-to's for all things Princessy! 
The instructions were super easy!
First, cut a piece of card stock or poster board into a half circle.
 Then fold it over to make a cone.  Fit it to your child's head and tape in place.
 Then I cut the pointy pieces off in a rounded shape (this part goes at the back of their head.  I am hoping it will help keep it on better!)
 Now you get to start gluing tissue paper on!
I cut two pieces of tissue paper (one pink, one floral) into squares.  Don't worry, they don't have to be perfect!
  I used some school glue and added a little water to make it thinner and easier for my girls to use.
 Next, we attached some ribbons to the inside of the point to make the 'tassels'.
Here is the 'almost' finished project.  I am going to add some ribbon to tie under their chins to help them stay on their heads!
Super Fun!  They love their new Princess Hats!

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