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Friday, July 23, 2010

Pioneers Day Three - homemade beaded necklaces

Our project today was homemade jewelry!  We got this idea from this book:
First we took some 6x6 papers and cut them into triangle strips.
If you measure two inches in and then every two inches on one side,
then one inch in and then every two inches, you will be able to connect the dots and have perfect triangles!
I cut about four papers into triangles, which seemed to be plenty for my girls.  You may need more or less, depending on your kiddos!
 Then you wrap the triangles around a pencil and add a little dab of glue at the end to hold it in place.
Then I let my girls color some noodles with permanent markers.  Scary, I know!  But it seemed easier than getting out the rubbing alcohol and food dye just to color a few noodles!

Then they threaded the noodles and beads onto some plastic string and Waalaa!
Pioneer Jewelry! :)
Here is my little models!
 And a sweet moment shared by my girls - it actually happens once and a while!
Easy craft!

I have been super busy trying to get our bonnets and aprons done!  I have all of our bonnets ready to go, and the aprons are almost finished, they just need a few finishing touches.  I will try to get pics up today, at least.  I will have a tutorial on the bonnets, because it was so hard to find an easy, free pattern.

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