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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Science Day 2 - Senses and Rock Candy!

Today we went on a 'Sensory Walk' to learn about our senses. 
 It lasted only about 10 minutes (it was already 95 degrees out and getting hotter as the minutes ticked away!  BTW, it was only 9:30am!!!)  I made some little 'journals' for the girls to record the experiments we do this week.  (I just stapled some paper together! heheh!  I will call myself a little lazy for not coming up with something more impressive!)
The girls decorated their journals and we went to it!  For my older daughter, who is 8, I wrote some questions out for her to answer/think about while we were outside.  For my little one, who is 4, I wrote down things for her and she drew pictures. 
It was a good way to get the girls to realize everything going on around them and to be grateful for being able to have all of their senses.

I did take pictures of my cute girls as we talked about things they saw, heard, felt, smelt, etc.  However, my camera decided it didn't want to save those pics.  Not sure what's going on; might be time for a new camera! :D

We also made Rock Candy!
I found this video on - it gives a great overview and instructions on how to make Rock Candy.  It is super easy!  The hard part is keeping the girls away!  They are checking every couple of hours to see if crystals have magically grown!  They are having a hard time understanding that it takes a long time to make crystals!
I realize that in the pics it looks like Christmas colors, but really, the red is pink (with strawberry flavoring) and the green is a bluish green (with mint flavoring)!  Funny how it looks so different on the computer!
I have to say that I am a little excited to partake of the candy when it is ready!  It is fun to make your own treats! (especially when you have to wait sooooo long for them to be ready!)

Tomorrow will probably be homemade playdough, which I was prepared to do today but ran out of time.
What are you doing to keep your kiddos occupied?  I would love some more ideas!


  1. That looks like fun! We'll have to try it

  2. You are ROCKIN' the science experiements! LOVE this idea too. I've been wanting to make rock candy with my kids for months!


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