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Tuesday, May 25, 2010


It is almost the time of year to pull out your stars and stripes and to celebrate what it means to be American.  Memorial Day is the perfect time to start celebrating!  (Not that you shouldn't be proud all year round!!!)
I have been looking for some projects that show off our family's pride, support, and love for not only our country, but also for our troops and those who serve and protect. 
I love the summer months!  Swimming, BBQ's, playing at the park.  So many opportunities to have fun and be with others!  I love spending time with friends and family! 
So, here are some ideas to help you get thinking of what you can do to spice up your home!

Who does crafty better than Martha Stewart? 
This Patriotic Door Mat would be pretty easy to make!  This is definitely on my 'to do' list!

What an awesome table decor!  This would be so great for an outdoor BBQ!  Festive and FUN!

These cans are super cute, easy and could be used for SOOOO many things!

This 'super easy' 4th of July wreath would look great on anyone's front door!

You could make these as pins, buttons, many ways!  Let kids decorate, or let your inner kid play!

So, that's a start!  There is also a list at the bottom of the page, under the posts, with some ideas for kids crafts.  Check it out! 
What do you have in store for Memorial Day?
Have a cute idea to share? 
Let us know!

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