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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Dress to Shirt Refashion

I tried my hand at a 'refashion' which seems to be all the rage right now.  My daughter gets  lot of hand-me-downs from her aunt who is only a few years older than she is.
We got a few of these maxi dresses, and decided to make at least one into a top (and maybe a skirt, but we haven't got that far yet!)

This dress needed the straps reattached and there were a few holes in the seems along the bottom, so it was perfect for a refashion. 
First, I cut out the lining on the inside of the dress.  Then, I cut along one of the ruffles that hit about hip length. 
Next, I fixed the straps, making them a perfect fit for my K.  (Before they were a little loose and would slip off her shoulders.)
Then, I did an easy roll hem along the bottom of the shirt.  I didn't even measure or anything!  (Lazy?  Easy?  You decide!)  I just folded the hem up and sewed!  
It wasn't too bad for my first attempt!  I have a few other ideas in mind, so we'll see what happens! 

She loves it (even if I make her wear a little cardigan with it to school!) and loved posing for me! :)

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