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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Mother's Day Flower Bouquet Card

Warning!  If you are a grandmother to my children, do not read any further!  You will ruin your super cute, adorable cards made by your granddaughters!

(I thought I would give them a chance to look away!)

I have been trying to come up with a cute craft that my girls could work on to send their grandmas for Mother's Day.  Here's what I came up with!
First, I took 12x12 double sided scrapbook paper and cut it in half. 

 Then I took each half and folded that in half.  I took the open ends and folded the down about an inch.  Then I cut the corners of the folded side at an angle.  This is the 'vase' for our flowers!
(Please forgive the un-Photoshopped, slightly blurry pics!  I was feeling lazy today!  Plus, I figured I should put the pics up asap for you all to be 'inspired' by!)
Next, we made our 'flowers' for the flower pot!
I was at Lakeshore Learning today and found this pack of flowers.  I was soooo excited!  It was a HUGE 500pc. bag of fabric flowers of diff sizes and shapes for $10!!!  At craft stores you are lucky to find 50 for $5 and that is if you have a coupon!  I was so excited and that is when my idea was cemented!  I could let my girls go wild with the flowers and still have a ton left over for me to play with!  YAY! 
(I had already dumped half of the bag out, so it doesn't look like a lot, but t.r.u.s.t. me!  There are 500 pretty flowers waiting to be used!)

Here is K's fist attempt.  I laid everything out and let them do whatever they wanted.  They layered petals on and then used brads, buttons, or jewels for the middles.  I also printed off some tiny pics of the girls to use in as the middles of the flowers.  We glued the flowers onto assorted Popsicle sticks.

After the girls had made their flowers (with much assistance from me on the hot glue gun:)  my 8 yr. old is getting the hang of the gun, but the 3 yr. old isn't allowed yet!) we started gluing the 'stems' into the 'vase'!  We had to be a little careful, because they have to fit into jumbo envelopes I had, to be mailed up to the Grandmas!
I found some raffia to glue on as the dirt/grass.  And to cover up the hot glue and Popsicle sticks!
We added "Happy Mother's Day" to the front and the girls each wrote messages on the inside to their grandmas!  Kat even added a cute flower to the vase! 
Originally, I had planned on gluing the sides of the vase closed...having it be a cute craft, a bouquet of flowers.  Then, I changed my mind and made it into a card!
I think they turned out super cute!  It was a fun project for us to work on tonight.  It was also pretty easy to throw together.  I had everything on hand, even extra flowers.  Go dig through your craft supplies and see what you can come up with!

Go ahead!  Make one for your mom, grandma, teacher, or loved one.  (K also made one for her teacher since it is Teacher Appreciation Week!)


  1. That is such a cute card! The little flowers are adorable. thanks for linking up to my challenge.

  2. Great idea to put my popsicle to good use.


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