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Friday, May 14, 2010

Little Paintings

Ok, so this is not the project I have been working on all week long!
But, it is what has been keeping my little one occupied while I work on my forever and a day project!
She loves painting!  She has been painting creations all week long!  In the afternoon, after lunch, is the most popular time.  Then, after I pick up my older daughter from school, we come home and they both paint some more! 
 I have now given over my dining room table for an art studio! 

I love my girls being creative and try not to squash their creativity (too often at least!)

So this week, our family room/dining room looks like it threw up craft supplies!  I have been using a ton of stuff in my stash, and the girls have been picking at whatever I have lying about!

My project is almost done....almost....please.... :)

It is a lot more tedious that I first envisioned.  It will be super cute, once finished!
I can't wait to share it with you.  Until then, my girls' art will have to suffice!

See the little paints in the top pic?  The paint is now gone, or what is left is a lovely shade of every color mixed together!  I am going to wash them out and keep them, however, because I can refill them with my craft paint!  It would also work with the little trays of watercolor paint.  Just squeeze a dime size of paint and let the kiddos have at it!  This way, I always have something to put the paints on for my girls!

I have no apologies if you visit my home this week!  (OK, maybe I will confess that I am all consumed with this project and that the resulting mess is mine.  But I will not apologize!)

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