Seems like a strange name for a craft blog, right? Well, I have always felt a little bit shy, or afraid to share my creativenss. When making something fabulous and someone compliments me, I usually play it off like it is no big deal. I have been a 'closet crafter' for too long! No more apologies! No more excuses! I love to craft and I am not ashamed!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

4th Day of Christmas Craft

On the fourth day of Christmas my girls made for me...
Retro Ornaments!
What better to use your old TP rolls for than to hang on your Christmas Tree!?!
This fun idea came from my Family Fun Magazine. All you need is two TP tubes per ornaments and two and a half pipe cleaners. I let my girls paint them, which then we had to let dry. If I did it again I would probably just let them use markers instead.
Here is the link if you would like more info
My girls would paint all day if I let them, so they were excited for this craft! Em wanted glue as well, but I wouldn't give it to her! (She is a glue addict now. I think I need to have an intervention!)

Kat went with pink and blue paint. I think it turned out darling! She made designs on the tube, and was afraid you wouldn't be able to see them. But I think it makes it a little more interesting to look at!


Em went with blue and yellow (mostly blue!)

I was sceptical about this craft. I mean, come on, TP rolls? Really? But I think they turned out pretty cute for a kids crafty ornament!

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